Acting - Video & Evaluation

You can use this as a model to help you evaluate your performance. Remember that this is only a part of the whole evaluation required.

The theme we were given for our final performance was teenagers, and the target audience that we would be performing to was our family and friends. The aim and objectives that we would attempt to achieve was to perform the play 'duck pond'. There were many messages in the play that we would try and get across to the audience, such as to show the audience that teenagers can be very cruel to each other, and be very inhumane at times. We also wanted to show what can happen when someone gets involved with a cult, and how the group can change the way you think because of cult mentality. Cult mentality can make you do things that you'd never consider doing, and this was something we wanted to show the audience. Another objective was to make the audience feel sick and uncomfortable as to how the characters Joanna and Elizabeth treat and manipulate Rachel, and at the way they make her bow down to peer pressure and do their bidding. Manipulation was also something else we wanted to show the audience, and how one person can make another drop any moral values they have and bend to another's will.

During rehearsal we did many things to make our drama piece more effective. One of the first things we did was test each other on our lines, because early on in the rehearsing stage we were very unsure of what we had to say and where. So we did many rehearsals with just our voices and scripts; this helped us think about the way we said each line, and forced us to know our lines before we added movement. I was still unsure of my lines for a long time, so this caused problems when we had to put movement in. Something else we did during our rehearsals was a voice recording of the performance; we did this without our script so it helped test us to see whether we knew our lines. This was extremely effective, because we had received direction from our teacher as to how we were meant to say each line, so this helped us hear for ourselves how we sounded, and whether we were doing it the way that she had directed it. I had to talk with a low controlled voice, and Chloe needed to be very sarcastic. It also helped us see where longer pauses were needed. Another thing that was very effective in helping us prepare was to rehearse our piece in full costume with all our props. This was especially helpful for me because for the performance I had to wear heels, and I needed to practise in them. Chloe and Naomi needed to eat during the performance, so this made sure that they were comfortable eating and acting at the same time. We also performed for our teacher many times, and she gave us plenty of feedback to make the performance stronger. We also gave each other a lot of feedback, so the performance would keep improving.

We developed many acting skills while rehearsing and preparing for the performance. One skill that was developed was our voice, because we had to be very aware of how the character would talk, and whether our voice was being used as well as it could be. I developed the skill because I had to make my voice sound very deep and harsh, but at the same time it needed to be done with a lot of control. My voice needed to reflect the control my character had over the situation, and to do this I had to make sure I didn't raise my voice. There is one point in the performance where I am meant to almost lose control and shout, but I'm meant to overcome this and continue with my calm persona. To begin with I wasn't very good at this, because I was saying the lines very fast, but over time I was able to talk with clarity and control; this only came with practice and repetition of each line. So my voice skill has developed a lot during this process. My characterisation skill also improved because everyone in the group had to write a monologue for the performance; this gave us the opportunity to explore the way the character thinks and feels about the situation, and to create some subtext in the play.

The first time we performed the play to our teacher she gave us each something to work on. My feedback was to make sure that I knew all my lines, because I was still stumbling over some of the thing I had to say. So I fixed this by learning my lines at home, and I just kept going over them. Chloe's feedback was to use a range of tones while speaking, when she was going to be manipulative, she had to use a high sarcastic tone, and when she wanted to be harsh she needed to use a low deep voice. The voice recording helped her improve this.

The final performance went very well, and everyone in the group performed brilliantly. One thing that I'm very proud of is that no one forgot their lines, everyone remembered what to say and when to say it. There wasn't any bit during the performance where I was worried that someone would forget to come in, I was confident in the ability of my group members. I also think I stayed in character very well, I constantly felt like Joanna, and never came out of character. The pauses were also very effective during the performance. Because I didn't feel rushed to say a line, I said everything at a slow pace, and this helped to build tension. I also think the timing was very good, and there weren't any awkward silences. Another thing that went well was the use of props; because we had rehearsed with them, we were used to handling the red files that we used. I think the audience reacted very well to the final performance because I could feel the tension in the air when I said a line that was particularly mean. I think our aims and objectives were met because I knew that the audience was uncomfortable with the way I was treating the character Rachel. The silence told me that they were taking the message seriously and understood that there was a deep message to be told. At the end, when the audience started to clap, I knew we had performed to a high standard.