Circus Skills - Performance Evaluation

Here is a teacher's evaluation of the performance. Notice especially the use of vocabulary, and how the sentences build up to form a fair and constructive evaluation. Try to use a similar pattern when evaluating your own performance.

Brydan has put together a fluid performance, which combines several disciplines at the same time. It is fun to watch as he changes props and tricks regularly and is very focused and engaged. Each section is clearly started and finished and he knows exactly what he is doing, showing he was well rehearsed.

He starts off by mounting the unicycle and then idling, which shows his control of the equipment. He has very good posture here, with a straight back and his head lifted so he is looking straight ahead. This keeps him balanced and is a good performance technique as it is engaging for the audience.

He then juggles clubs while on the unicycle! This shows great use of manipulation skills and control, as he is able to keep the unicycle going and catch all the clubs at the same time. He uses the same pattern constantly, keeping a regular rhythm which is mesmerising to watch.

Next, he switches to Poi, turning to the side so we can see his planes better. He demonstrates a couple of different patterns and shows the colourful element of this prop. He does make a mistake, but he recovers quickly and does not stop the flow of the routine, which is a very important performance skill. You have to keep on going.

Back to another balance discipline next, as he steps onto the Rolla Bolla and keeps it balanced. This takes very strong core muscles as the top half of his body remains still while he uses his core to keep moving the Rolla Bolla back into the middle. His head is lifted and he smiles as he gains control, which is good to watch as it shows his personality as a performer.

His final trick is to juggle knives while still balanced on the Rolla Bolla. He does a couple of different tricks, showing his specialism clearly, which is very effective when the danger of the knives is added into the scene. This shows how different props can be used in Circus to create spectacle and excitement. He catches all the knives cleanly at the end, and comes forward to bow, clearly defining the end of the performance.

I like the piece, as it showed great variety, never becoming boring. Brydan stayed in role the whole time and has obviously practised a lot as he was very competent. To improve his performance, he could maybe try more variations as he used mostly the same patterns in both juggling sections. But I was very impressed by how he used two props at the same time.

He could also explore using a character or a theme to give his performance more depth. The style he used worked well for him however; keeping his performance neutral meant the tricks were the main focus and the extent of his skills really shone through.

His body language was professional throughout and he had good energy. He showed what you can do with different props and how far you can develop with all Circus Skills.