DJ-ing - Video and Evaluation

You can use this as a model to help you evaluate your performance. Remember that this is only a part of the whole evaluation required.

Teacher's viewpoint

All equipment used in this recording was observed being set up and a brief presentation was given by the DJ with regards to the equipment, programme, and features within the programme to be used in his performance. All music tracks used in the performance were saved onto a blank USB stick provided by the department. This was to ensure no pre-recordable features or sets were used within the performance.

The candidate's performance was recorded from 2 perspectives, from the front to capture the performance from the audience's aspect and from behind the desk to capture the technical side of the performance.

During the performance the candidate displayed excellent technical knowledge of the hardware used to realise the performance. Transition between tracks and samples were done smoothly and tempo and pitch changes matched/mixed seamlessly throughout the performance.

There was a wide range of sounds used with use of textures, varied timbres and dynamics evident within the performance. This was a challenge for the candidate during the preparation stages as DJs are used to performing quite long sets. However, during this performance he has managed to include a wide enough variety of sounds and effects to access a high mark.

The performance demonstrates creativity in performance. This is evident in the way the performance holds the attention of the listener/audience throughout. The building of suspense and break down of sounds demonstrate the creative skills required by a DJ. In addition, the interpretation of the work shows both variety and development within a musical style in addition to continuity throughout the performance.

Overall, I believe this to be a very high standard performance showing excellent, highly developed skills and creativity. As mentioned before, this was a challenging task due to having to get a wide enough range of sounds and creativity into a shorter than usual performance.

* As a centre we experimented during rehearsals by performing with and without an audience. The DJ reacted extremely well to an audience, encouraging them to dance and move in certain ways, indicative of a professional DJ. However, the noise the audience made in reaction to the DJ affected the recording, as when recording from an audience perspective, the ‘crowd' noise was picked up more than the DJ's set.