DJ-ing - Mixing

Working as a DJ, whether for personal pleasure or as a professional, relies on your ability to mix tracks together. All DJ's consider that they are playing music, and their ability to 'mix' is their expression of creativity, as much an expression as a songwriter would give to a song that they have written. Mixing is a skill and has to, and can be, learned. A DJ is a performer of dance music; his/her audience are there to dance. To be successful, his/her skills need to be good enough to keep the audience happy and dancing.


To be successful

Advice or tips to help you


· Understanding BPM

· Remember that BPM = beats per minute

· Think about how you are going to build your 'set' or performance. Remember your purpose as a DJ; what do want to achieve? How will understanding BPM help you to achieve it?

· Understand the broad range of BPMs used within the House, Dance, Trance, Hard core music genres.

· Understand the function of the pitch control.


· Calculating BPM

· Look into the technology available.

· It is possible to work out, with reasonable accuracy, the BPM of any track. Get a stopwatch and your counting head on.

· Think of how you can calculate the BPM yourself.