General - Audience Awareness

Being audience aware will make a big difference to your performance. You need to know where you are going to perform and where the audience will be. It is also important to know who is in the audience. Remember that the audience are there to support you and enjoy your performance. You need to work the audience! Look at the audience all the time to make them feel part of your work. And finally - enjoy it. This is your time to shine and share your good work with the audience.


To be successful

Advice or tips to help you


· Posture/ body language

· Ensure your posture on stage is strong

· Practise in the mirror to see that your core is tight but your shoulders are relaxed.

· Make sure your body language is strong

· Weak body language can suggest a lack of confidence. Pretend to be confident by having strong body language. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart to show the audience you are ready to perform.

· Try not to let your body language show a mistake

· Keep your composure and carry on.


· Eye contact/ communication

· Make sure you have a focal point or a point of reference for your performance

· Find a spot at the back of the room and focus on it when performing or choose an area to be a focal point.

· Use eye contact with other members of the group to show good rapport

· Decide when you are going to look at each other to help communicate your message.

· Look at specific audience members to make them feel part of your performance

· If you are performing in a small space remember to look at some audience members directly. This again will show your confidence to the audience.


· Position on the stage

· Maintain a position on the stage which is appropriate to the task

· Being in the front shows the audience that you are ready. Remember not to hide. You need to show your work, not hide it.

· Practise in the space where you will be performing

· By working in the space where the examination will be held, you will feel confident that you know what to do.


· Target audience

· Practise performing in front of strangers

· Make sure you can see the audience

· During your preparations, performing to people you don't know is sometimes easier than performing to friends, who may distract you. Performing to strangers will make the exam itself less scary. If you choose who you want to be there, your confidence will also be supported.

· Seeing the audience will create a sense of performance and makes the audience feel part of the event. Practise with the lights on, so that you have to look at the audience.