Instrumental & Vocal - Evaluation – Vocal

This an evaluation from the teachers point of view. Note the use of the relevant terminology and structure of the evaluation.

The chosen song was "Someone like you" from the Musical Jekyll and Hyde by Frank Wildhorn. The song was well learnt and showed how the candidate can tell a story through music. It would have added to the performance if the candidate had been in costume as if on the stage in line with the needs of the chosen song.

Pitch - on the whole the pitch displayed by the candidate was very good. Her voice did change for the high notes and this at times showed a weakness in the performance. It was as if the singer was scared to open out her voice in the second half of the song to give it full impact.

Breath control. This was very good. The control from the 2nd verse to the chorus showed an understanding of how sustaining the breath can actually help tell the story in a song. The slower part at the end could have been sustained in one breath if the candidate had wished to do so.

Interpretation of the music. - The candidate clearly understood the purpose of the song and where it fitted in the musical. There was a clear use of dynamics which the candidate interpreted from the score and tried to put in the performance. Singing to the backing track did limit the interpretation but using the backing track added depth to the backing.

Overall a good performance. The head voice could have been stronger and this would have gained the candidate a higher mark.