Technical Production - Evaluation – Costume & Make Up

You can use this as a model to help you evaluate your performance. Remember that this is only a part of the whole evaluation required.


Teacher's viewpoint

It is important to remember for this skill that Costume and Make-up should be covered – and it was pleasing to see both skills developed for this presentation.

The portfolio of work done by this candidate was seen during the presentation. The presentation showed a good understanding of the needs of a Costume and Make-up designer but the description of the role was a little too explanatory and not specific enough to the design to be created.

There was clear knowledge shown of different ideas for the piece and how she worked closely with the dancer to achieve the look and feel the piece needed. There was a clear progression in her thoughts through the designs and pictures seen in the presentation. These throughout the process helped explain her journey further. Drawings were seen in the portfolio for hair as well as make-up.

The make-up of the flag showed creativity and again added to the visual aspects of the piece. The candidate ensured that the make-up did not run during the performance, but stronger colours on the face would have emphasised this good idea further.

Simple elements and pieces added to the innocence the costume needed but also through the presentation, the candidate clearly explained the reasons behind these.

Hair was also experimented with so that the dancer could feel confident in her performance. The make-up was applied by the candidate and was seen in the photographs taken and put in her presentation.

Overall a good design that fitted the needs of the piece but maybe adding in some stronger make-up might have gained a high mark.