Technical Production - Evaluation – Lighting

You can use this as a model to help you evaluate your performance. Remember that this is only a part of the whole evaluation required.


Teacher's viewpoint

The portfolio of work done by this candidate was seen during the presentation. The presentation showed a good understanding of the needs of a lighting designer but the description of the role was a little too explanatory and not specific enough to the design to be created.

There was clear knowledge shown of different lanterns that were to be used and the purpose of these to light and environment. Understanding of colour showed that the candidate had considered atmosphere within his limited use of lighting.

A full lighting plot was created although not seen on the video. This was done to scale and lights plotted and patched to fit the needs of the piece. Fresnel and Spots were used with colour gel filters to aid the performance.

The candidate did supervise the rigging and worked closely with the performer in particular to get the final spot in the right place of the performance area.

Lighting Cues were taken from seconds on the track rather than lines from a script and this helped with the fluidity of the lighting changes. There were 4 clear different lighting effects culminating in the spot at the end.

Overall a good design that fitted the needs of the piece, but maybe adding in some chasing lights or Gobo effects might have gained a higher mark.